Intro to BCTD


—–Bloons Craft Tower Defense—–

1 blockstone, a crate and $$$25 every track won

$$$100 and 2 blockstones to start

$100 gained every round

Towers are in tiers

—–Tier 1 will be in another post—–

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Big post alert!

I will be posting a BIG post soon and I will be posting it in parts!



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Are you still here???

Please tell me you’re still here… I’m trapped with Bowser and I need YOU to get me out… by commenting… Please start commenting again.

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Minecraft commands

Go to for epic commands… Shameless advertisement… do /give PLAYERNAME ITEMNAME ITEMAMOUNT ITEMDAMAGEVALUE {TAG[OTHERTAG{OTHEROTHERTAG}]} if you don’t want to use a website to make a command, but of course you can add more tags to your command. GoooooooooooooooooooodBYYYYYYE!!!!!!!!!!! [DanTDM outro music plays]

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Sorry, I dieded.

Sorry I was gone for a while! I forgot about this website completely! I hope I can make this up to you… Bye…


Cowculator (pun intended) is what 123+123 is and you can type in other things too!

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For everyone

This was originaly my mom’s blog and got passed on to me. I have not blogged a lot, but my mom did. She was nice enough to give me the blog and change it into the gaming ideas by me, the was it is now. So all you guys who got into my spam comments asking stuff like this, your answers are right here. Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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samsung galaxy note edge review!

TJ’s review: five out of five! I played on this more than the rest of my family! I especially loved the part about the edge! I’m writing this on the Samsung right now! I don’t hate ANYTHING about this!

Christina’s review:

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MY Chartly!



copy and paste to see MY fusion pokemon, Chartly!


Magic Magikarp! Pokepost!

The video above is victories against the elite four with ONLY ONE MAGIKARP!!!!!splashscreen_portrait(2)

With all the love from bannanas and bulbatube… goooooodbye!

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Typo Towers

————-Smart donkey—————-

This is a typo version of the dart monkey.

This smart donkey bores bloons to death doing math problems.

—————-Left path—————

  1. Songer tangy: throws smart singing tangerines.
  2. Enchanted piesight: Makes longer range and somehow shoots pies from its eyes.
  3. Tike-tow-pult: Shoots tikes and tow trucks
  4. Huggertaunt: Taunts the bloons into hugging the towers, making them stop to hug every tower for 3 seconds!

Right path

  1. Harper parts: Grows parts of harps which make terrible sounds that stun bloons for 3 seconds
  2. Even harper parts: Makes the harps bigger stunning bloons for 5 seconds!
  3. Purple harps: Makes the harps purple which somehow poison bloons which turns all bloons coming out reds!
  4. Pooper donkey pan tub: Ability: Summons pooping donkeys that clang pans taking a bath that disgust the bloons making them stunned for ten seconds.

——————Sack shooter——————–

This is a typo version of the tack shooter.

The sack shooter shoots sacks that carry the money the bloons carry.

—————————–Left path—————–

  1. Faster tooting: somehow makes the toots that the sack shooter toots shoots faster! The toots stuns bloons for 3 seconds.
  2. Steven faster tooting: Somehow Steven controlling the sack shooter makes it shoot faster!
  3. Hack Taylor: Hacks Taylor Swift’s computer every 3 seconds which takes $300 each hack.
  4. Ring of tire: Shoots tires that pop 2 layers from the bloons.

———————-Right path—————

  1. Extra strange sacks: Somehow strange sack increases range.
  2. Super strange sacks: Now the sacks are super strange and now pop 2 layers and have another range increase!
  3. Spade shooter: Shoots spades that pop 3 layers!
  4. Spade tail storm: Shoots spades with tails that whack bloons! Ability: Shoots undodgeable spades in every direction for the rest of the round! But, it has a cooldown of 1 minute.

Scraper monkey

This is the typo version of the sniper monkey. This scrapes the bloons popping 2 layers.

—————Left path—————–

  1. Full metal packet: Shoots metal packets that pop leads and frozen bloons.
  2. Point hive o: Points at the bloons with a beehive that releases bees that follow the bloons which pop 1 layer every second.
  3. Deadly decision: commits suicide and pops 18 layers off a bloon!
  4. Triple Comb: Shoots 3 combs that somehow deflates MOABs!

—————Right path————–

  1. Pasture Hooting: Hoots in a pasture which somehow makes the scraper monkey shoot faster!
  2. Slight Vision Problems: Makes the scraper donkey unable to see every minute for a minute…
  3. Semi-Problematic Trifles: Shoots inaccurate trifles at bloons!
  4. Bub-Bye Pop: Ability: Shoots popsicles that FREEZE the bloons to DEATH!!! Dun dun duuuuun!!!





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New Gaming Purpose!

I, Christina’s son, have taken over the site! I am going to use it for gaming purposes. Game on!

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