MY Chartly!



copy and paste to see MY fusion pokemon, Chartly!

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Magic Magikarp! Pokepost!

The video above is victories against the elite four with ONLY ONE MAGIKARP!!!!!splashscreen_portrait(2)

With all the love from bannanas and bulbatube… goooooodbye!

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Typo Towers

I’m kick-starting this new usage by adding… TYPO TOWERS TO BTD5!!!!!

Smart donkey
This is a typo version of the dart monkey.
This smart donkey bores bloons to death doing math problems.
Left path

1. Songer tangy: throws smart singing tangerines.
2. Enchanted piesight: Makes longer range and somehow shoots pies from its eyes.
3. Tike-tow-pult: Shoots tikes and tow trucks
4. Huggertaunt: Taunts the bloons into hugging the towers, making them stop to hug every tower for 3 seconds!
Right path
1. Harper parts: Grows parts of harps which make terrible sounds that stun bloons for 3 seconds
2. Even harper parts: Makes the harps bigger stunning bloons for 5 seconds!
3. Purple harps: Makes the harps purple which somehow poison bloons which turns all bloons coming out reds!
4. Pooper donkey pan tub: Ability: Summons pooping donkeys that clang pans taking a bath that disgust the bloons making them stunned for ten seconds.

Sack shooter
This is a typo version of the tack shooter.
The sack shooter shoots sacks that carry the money the bloons carry.
Left path

1. Faster tooting: somehow makes the toots that the sack shooter toots shoots faster! The toots stuns bloons for 3 seconds.
2. Steven faster tooting: Somehow Steven controlling the sack shooter makes it shoot faster!
3. Hack Taylor: Hacks Taylor Swift’s computer every 3 seconds which takes $300 each hack.
4. Ring of tire: Shoots tires that pop 2 layers from the bloons.
Right path
1. Extra strange sacks: Somehow strange sack increases range.
2. Super strange sacks: Now the sacks are super strange and now pop 2 layers and have another range increase!
3. Spade shooter: Shoots spades that pop 3 layers!
4. Spade tail storm: Shoots spades with tails that whack bloons! Ability: Shoots undodgeable spades in every direction for the rest of the round! But, it has a cooldown of 1 minute.

Took me a long time to make and just pulled this up from a Microsoft Word document I made… maybe a year ago? Anyways… Thanks for reading!

typo towers are towers that have typos.

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New Gaming Purpose!

I, Christina’s son, have taken over the site! I am going to use it for gaming purposes. Game on!

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